Nearly 100 Years of Legal Service

Our firm was founded by T. Brooke Howard in 1923. We have been providing exceptional legal service for our clients.

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Strong Criminal Defense Since 1923

Whether you have been charged with breaking a dog-leash or murder, you should not handle your criminal defense alone. Too many people have handled their own criminal defense and ended up with longer fines and heavier sentences than they would have received with the help of experienced lawyers on their side.

If you are facing any type of criminal charges, talk with the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Law Offices of Howard & Howard. Our law firm has been helping clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia for nearly 100 years. We know how to get your sentence dropped or reduced, and we will fight for you.

Handling A Range Of Criminal Defense Matters

  • Serious felonies and federal crime charges: We take federal cases and serious felony cases involving grand theft, murder, drug trafficking and other major crime charges.
  • Drunk driving: Our lawyers defend clients against DUI and related charges. Whether it’s your first offense or multiple offenses, our attorneys will defend your rights.
  • Drug charges: We represent clients charged with simple possession, possession of paraphernalia, manufacture and cultivation, sale, trafficking and other drug-related charges.
  • Traffic offenses: Do not take a traffic violation such as reckless driving lightly. Our lawyers will help you keep your record intact and retain your driving privileges.
  • Sex offenses: Even the mere accusation of a sex crime can affect someone for a lifetime. Our firm aggressively defends against all sex crime charges, including sexual assault, rape and others.

There Is No Substitute For Experience

When facing criminal charges, the stakes are high. It takes legal knowledge, experience in the court system and savvy negotiating skills to handle criminal cases effectively. Do not handle your case yourself or trust your criminal defense to inexperienced lawyers.

With Law Offices of Howard & Howard, you can expect:

  • A detailed analysis of the facts of your particular case to determine what defenses you may have
  • Conversations with the local commonwealth’s attorneys regarding your case
  • The best possible outcome given your case’s particular fact pattern
  • A vigorous defense before either a judge or jury

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Time is of the essence when fighting against criminal charges. Call us at 540-340-3776 or email us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.