Nearly 100 Years of Legal Service

Our firm was founded by T. Brooke Howard in 1923. We have been providing exceptional legal service for our clients.

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Solid Estate Planning Advice From A Skilled Law Firm

Estate planning is a crucial part of managing your assets and, ultimately, financially taking care of your heirs and beneficiaries. But where do you start? Whom do you seek for advice? An experienced law firm that has helped hundreds of clients meet their estate planning needs is the only answer.

Since 1923, the Law Offices of Howard & Howard in Warrenton, Virginia, has provided insight, advice and guidance on estate planning matters. Our skilled attorneys will help you in creating wills and trusts as well as help you name guardians for your minor children, determine effective executors and create health care directives and powers of attorney.

Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Family

We are a third-generation law firm that understands your concerns related to estate planning. Through the decades, we have represented clients in matters that include:

  • Creating simple wills and trusts as well as providing essential estate planning needs
  • The naming of a power of attorney and creating advanced medical directives in case you become physically or mentally incapacitated

We are compassionate, understanding and experienced. We know how important it is for you to take care of your family as well as the need to get your estate in order.

We Know How To Help, So Call Now

Planning is important, especially when it comes to estate planning. The Law Offices of Howard & Howard in Warrenton, Virginia, is a knowledgeable law firm that can help you create a will or trust, and address any of your questions about estate planning. We offer free consultations. Please contact us or call us at 540-340-3776.