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Four actions to take directly after a personal injury accident

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Personal Injury |

No matter the damage caused by the car accident, it’s a serious issue. While the damage to your car is upsetting, the damage to your own health is much more severe an issue to overcome.

If you experience this unfortunate situation, there are four actions you should take right away. Doing so, will decrease the damage to your body and increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Seek medical care immediately

You may feel okay, but even if you look fine on the outside, you could have damaged something internally that may not manifest for days or weeks after the accident. Make your health the main priority.

Make good use of the power at your fingertips

In a personal injury situation, if you are physically able to do so and if your phone wasn’t wrecked during the accident, call 911, but also use its powers to document and take photos of everything. Your smartphone is a hand-sized computer. Keep track of everything after the accident including doctor visits, chiropractor appointments, medications and any other expense tied to the accident. The more evidence you can obtain, the more power you have over your insurance company (Hint: they don’t want to pay you damages.)

Don’t admit fault

Even if you were not at fault, apologizing after an accident can be an admission of guilt and is a danger to your claim. Cooperate with police but stay level-headed. Make sure the police are aware of any evidence you collected from the scene of the accident.

Finally, do not make any statements or sign any documents without first contacting your attorney, and following their proven legal advice.