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Drunk driving cases and older adults

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Criminal defense |

For an older adult charged with driving under the influence, many problems often arise. At the Law Offices of Howard & Howard, we realize how these charges shatter the lives of older adults in Virginia and also create problems for their entire families. Many people are charged with DUI during the holiday season and these charges are very serious regardless of the time of year. As an older adult, there are many unique challenges that you likely need to take into consideration as well, whether you have increased difficulty preparing for court or your life is turned upside down because you are no longer able to drive.

Sometimes, DUI charges arise over relatively small levels of alcohol intoxication and drivers are surprised to hear that they were over the legal limit. Less often, some drivers are wrongly charged with drunk driving because they failed a breath test for some other reason, such as certain foods that they consumed. It is important for every driver who is accused of operating while under the influence to have a clear understanding of the unique details of their case and various factors that could affect how it plays out in the courtroom.

Older adults in this position often lose the ability to drive, which makes it very hard to get to doctor’s appointments and take care of other important responsibilities. Not to mention, the damage to one’s reputation is devastating and the financial penalties associated with DUI cases require careful consideration as well. Visit our DUI page if you are interested in reading more about handling a drunk driving case.