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Your actions after an accident can be crucial for recovery

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Car crashes can happen in an instant, and it’s hard to know what to do. Even as your heart is racing, a level head will serve you best as you handle the aftermath of an accident.

Nearly 200 people are injured in Virginia every day because of traffic accidents. Fauquier County contributed more than 750 to the annual count, with over 1,600 crashes last year. If you are a part of that statistic, you could be in line for compensation as long as you follow proper procedure.

Traffic testimony

Building a claim after an accident starts with creating notes, collecting eyewitness accounts and taking plenty of pictures. These things can all help you support your side of the story when the dust settles. But aside from aiding your claim, there are a few ways that you could hurt your case immediately following an accident.

Wreck requirements

Virginia requires that you act according to the law after an accident. Otherwise, you may be putting your recovery in jeopardy:

  • Stop: You will have to pull over as soon as the accident happens. If possible, you can move your vehicle out of traffic, but driving off could get you in serious trouble.
  • Help: You might need to offer help, within reason, to the other person in the accident. If they need medical assistance, it could fall on your shoulders to get them the proper attention.
  • Report: You’ll have to hand your information over to law enforcement, the other driver or someone else involved that can handle the responsibility. If it isn’t possible at the scene of the accident, then you will need to file your report as soon as you can.

Failure to meet these requirements could net you a felony charge, which might hurt your chances for a personal injury claim in the future. Don’t put your recovery in an uncertain position. Stick to these outlines, and you could get the help you need after an accident.