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How can truck drivers fight fatigue on the road?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Drowsiness impairs one’s attention and slows reaction times, and this can be especially dangerous to truck drivers. Truckers in Virginia should know that drowsiness is a major factor behind the nearly 4,000 large-truck crash fatalities that arise each year in this country. There are ways for truckers to fight against drowsiness.

Adequate sleep and a healthy diet

It all starts with re-evaluating one’s sleep schedule. Even though truckers may not achieve the recommended six to eight hours of sleep at one time, they can make up for this with naps. They should experiment to see when the best times are for a nap.

Truckers must eat nutritious foods to keep up their energy, too. For instance, the National Institutes of Health says they could opt for English muffins or bagels over donuts and chicken or tuna sandwiches over fast-food hamburgers. Avoid snacks that give a “sugar rush” because they ultimately leave one feeling more tired than before.

Less caffeine and alcohol but more water

Alcohol, being a depressant, is naturally linked to drowsiness while long-term caffeine use contributes to it as well. Besides that, caffeine increases blood pressure, causing headaches and dizziness. Truckers should drink more water; this averts muscle cramps, headaches and fatigue. Lastly, truckers must be aware that the cab itself can influence their health. They may want to consider a good seat suspension system.

Attorney for truck accident victims

Truck accidents can involve catastrophic or even fatal injuries on the part of passenger vehicle occupants. If the truckers are at fault, victims may file a personal injury claim. Virginia holds to the strict rule of pure contributory negligence, which means the defendant must be 100% at fault for a case to be valid. To see how their situation holds up under this rule, victims may want to talk with an attorney.