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Virginia vehicle accident summary sobering, especially re trucks

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Multiple Virginia regulatory bodies concerned with traffic safety on the state’s varied roadways (e.g., the Department of State Police and Department of Transportation) annually work together to compile motor vehicle crash data.

That is obviously a relevant exercise for identifying trends, supplying predictive information and informing the motoring public of specific driving challenges.

The data centrally underscore this prominent point: There are clearly a lot of obstacles to contend with that elevate behind-the-wheel risks for drivers across the state.

Some relevant crash facts for Virginia drivers’ consideration

A government website authored by the above-cited agencies and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles makes a number of key points concerning accident data in the state relevant to a recently measured year. Information germane to 2019 highlights this:

  • A stunning 128,000-plus accidents (extrapolated, that equates to more than 350 accidents on an “average” day every day of the year and more than 14 per hour)
  • 827 fatalities
  • Nearly 66,000 injuries
  • Crashes occurring on virtually every type of roadway and involving drivers spanning a broad age spectrum

Large truck crashes: notably high risks and adverse outcomes

Accidents involving large trucks – tractor-trailers, semis, assorted 18-wheel big rigs and other commercial haulers – pose notably high risks for other drivers and passengers sharing the road.

That is for obvious reasons, of course. Big trucks by definition command outsized dimensions. They can be exceedingly lengthy and weigh scores of thousands of pounds. They are comparatively unstable vehicles that take time – and precious space – to stop or materially slow down. Truckers deal with blind spots, loads that can be unstable, pressurized time schedules, fatigue and a host of other risk catalysts. That road reality is evidenced by these 2019 crash data takeaways:

  • 851 reported large truck crashes in Virginia
  • 48 fatal accidents

Unsurprisingly, it is routinely the case that truck crash injury victims are most often drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles.

Two telling points readily link with that.

First, it is often third-party negligent behind-the-wheel behavior that directly contributes to such injuries (e.g., the above-cited trucker fatigue and things like distracted driving, substance abuse, improper loading, failed maintenance and other catalysts.)

Second, crash injuries are often severe and, when not fatal, life-altering. They range broadly from serious brain trauma and neck/back injuries to spinal cord complications, burns/lacerations, broken bones and other complications.

Individuals injured in truck crashes or other motor vehicle accidents possess strong legal rights that can be pursued diligently following an incident tied to negligent driving behavior.

A proven and empathetic personal injury legal team can promote those rights and work with a client to secure maximum compensation applicable to broad-based financial needs.