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Speeding seen as a primary cause of car accidents in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Personal Injury |

In Virginia and across the nation, more and more people are returning to some semblance of their normal lives. After more than a year of dealing with the crisis that is still not completely abated, there is a sense of relief about being able to take part in enjoyable activities and even go back to work. However, with that, the roads are again becoming congested. A concern being expressed by law enforcement is that drivers are speeding as if the roads are still empty and it is causing crashes with injuries and fatalities. When heading out on the road, everyone should be cognizant of this.

Virginia State Troopers are stopping an inordinate number of speeding drivers

Troopers have reported that the end of restrictions and increase in traffic is a problem. It is even more worrisome when adding in the expected summer traffic spike as people head out on vacation, take children on day trips and head back to their places of business. Along with speeding, drivers are behaving recklessly in other ways. That includes weaving and making dangerous maneuvers with other vehicles nearby. Law enforcement says that the fatality numbers are higher than normal. Making traffic stops and citing drivers is an attempt to stop this behavior.

Accidents in various areas throughout Virginia showed the same troubling signs. In 2020, there were fewer of them because of less traffic, but the severity was worse due to drivers speeding. Some areas were consistent in their total of road deaths. Another factor that should be weighed is summer road work. Construction on roads not only requires that drivers slow down, but they must also be aware of the workers who are stationed in locations that place them in jeopardy. Speeding in work zones is a prominent cause of collisions with injuries and loss of life.

Auto accidents and their aftermath can be costly in myriad ways

No matter how law enforcement tries to emphasize the damage reckless driving can do on the road, drivers are still likely to speed, drive distracted, jump back and forth between lanes and break other traffic laws. This can cause car accidents. People’s finances can be ravaged, they can face the need for extended treatment, require a long rehabilitation and have a radically different life. For families who lose a loved one, they will need to determine how to move forward. Thinking about legal options is a wise step as it can help with investigating the incident, gathering evidence and taking the necessary action to pursue a claim.