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When distractions can be deadly

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Distracted driving is deadly because it reduces the driver’s ability to respond quickly to changing conditions while driving. The driver’s inability to respond to an emergency situation can cause distracted driving accidents that result in serious injuries and death. Victims of distracted drivers should understand how they are protected by the legal process.

Reduced response times

Distracted drivers cannot respond as quickly to changing roadway and driving conditions and drivers who are not distracted. Precious seconds are lost when drivers need to make an emergency maneuver but do not recognize the need to do so because they are distracted. There are three types of driver distraction including cognitive distraction, manual distraction and visual distraction. All can be dangerous and deadly.

Manual distraction removes the driver’s hands from the steering wheel and visual distraction removes the driver’s eyes from the roadway. Cognitive distraction removes the driver’s attention and focus from the roadway. Cell phone use and texting while driving are examples of cognitive distraction and can combine all three types of driver distracting making them incredibly dangerous for drivers to engage in. Virginia law prohibits drivers from holding cell phones while driving except in limited circumstances. Texting while driving is also illegal.

Eating, looking away at a billboard or engaging in a telephone conversation that makes driving the driver’s secondary task are all examples of distracted driving that can be both risky and dangerous. For that reason, victims of distracted drivers who have taken their eyes off the road or attention off driving should be familiar with how personal injury legal protections may be able to help them with their damages.