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Are Tbis Caused By Personal Injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Personal injury accidents are scary. Perhaps, they are so scary because they are unavoidable because they are caused by the negligence of another. For example, if you are hit by a Warrenton, Virginia, negligent driver, how could you have avoided them hitting you? If you trip over a hidden danger on another’s property, how could you have avoided it? Whether it is a negligent driver, property owner, etc., negligence is hard to avoid. And, another scary side of personal injuries is the fact that a traumatic brain injury could result, and you might not even know you have one.

How could I not know I have one?

A traumatic brain injury is an injury to your body like any other. It is a cut, bruise, bleed, etc. However, because your brain is inside your skull, those injuries are often hidden, and unless there is some mark, additional injury to your skull as well or some other symptom, you have no way of knowing your brain is injured.

Head and body injuries

If your body is shaken, impacted or jolted in any way, you could have a TBI, regardless of whether any contact was directly made to your head. Indeed, the shake could cause your brain to impact the inside of your skull. Yet, your skull would have no visible damage to indicate that your brain is damaged. However, if you have visible injuries to your skull, it is a likely indicator that you have a TBI.

Other symptoms

TBIs are unique injuries because many of the symptoms are only noticed by others. For example, your ability to communicate could be impacted, but you may not notice that your words are not the words you intended. Your sight, taste or smell could be impacted, but only those around you may notice that your opinions are wildly different from normal. For example, you suddenly hate your favorite food.

Emergency room

If you are involved in a Warrenton, Virginia, traumatic personal injury accident, go to the emergency room. It is always better to seek medical attention and not need it, then to not seek it and need it.